how do we love love letters? count the ways.

It sure makes us happy to see Love Letters cards in action. We'd love to see yours. How about sharing your story? In the meantime, browse the gallery for inspiration.




Randi & Adam

We loved the escort and table cards, and got many compliments! We are going to frame the cards that spell our last name and put it up in our home.

Amy & Noah
We can't remember whose stroke of genius it was to decorate our daughter's nursery with the Love Letters from our wedding, but we both agree on the result. From Adore to Zzzs, our baby's first alphabet was not only cute and playful, but a meaningful reminder of our magical wedding day every time we walked into the room. And sleeping under such sweet sentiments every night couldn't hurt either, right?


Monica & Kent
We had to get creative with the Love Letters because, prior to the service, it was so windy the table cloths were blowing off. We ended up actually pinning the letters to the front of the table - I made a sash - and they stayed for the duration. In miracle like timing, the wind died down and the sky cleared right before the wedding!