questions? You've come to the right place.

Can I choose some personalized words for my table name cards?

Yes, when you order a set of Love Letters table cards, you can choose up to 5 custom words on us. Have fun with it! Head over to the personalize your order page for details.

What if none of your standard ink colors match my decor?

We can match just about any color. Learn more on our personalize your order page.

Can you print my cards on a different paper type or color?

We have carefully chosen the paper we use for its aesthetics, sturdiness, and environmental friendliness. We do not offer alternatives at this time.

I’m having a small wedding—can I buy just a few table cards?

Yes! See the separate product listings for individual letters ("singles"). Choose as many or as few as you need. Individual letters are also a great way to stock up on extras so you can use some of your cards to spell out words for signage or decor accents.

Are you a gay-friendly wedding vendor?

While it's a little sad that this question even has to be asked, it makes us happy to say yes, absolutely. Love Letters are for everyone! Please let us know if there's anything we can do to better meet your needs. By the way, one of the words on our M card is mr&mrs. We are happy to change this to mr&mr, mrs&mrs, or ms&ms at no additional charge. We offer mr&ms too. It's easy to select from the dropdown menu when you order your cards.

Do you use recycled paper?

We're pretty green around here, if we do say so ourselves. All of our paper is recycled, with post-consumer waste content ranging from 30 to 100 percent. Check out our eco stats page to see the rest of the impressive lineup of pro-environment materials and practices.

How far in advance should I order my "day of" items (table cards, seating cards, menus, signs)?

We suggest 8-12 weeks ahead of your event. Give yourself plenty of time to find just the right holders to display them and coordinate with other decor items. This is such an easy item to check off your list, why not get it done early?

Anything I should know about caring for my cards?

Glad you asked. Here's the important stuff to keep Love Letters cards pristine for your big day. 1. Clean hands, clean cards: Careful of transferring anything that could mar your cards, even just-applied hand lotion. Best to handle them by the edges. 2. Beat the heat: Your cards should be fine in hot weather if they are standing up, in a holder, or tucked into a napkin. But laying them down in direct sunlight or on a hot surface can cause curling. (All paper is subject to this to varying degrees— it comes from moisture evaporating unevenly from the paper fibers.) Curling can be reversed by moving the cards to a cool spot for a few minutes (but will recur if they are moved back!). 3. High and dry: Love Letters are printed with dye-based ink, which will run if it gets wet.

Do you ship outside the United States?

We sure do. We use U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail International (average 6-10 business days), Express Mail International (average 2-3 business days), and for some products U.S. Postal Service First Class Mail. Please note, you are responsible for any local taxes or customs fees that may apply in your country and clearing customs can take extra time. For details, please read our shipping policy.

Do you accept returns?

Yes. We offer a money-back guarantee, less shipping, on all thank you cards and table cards (except custom colors). Items with custom wording (menus, signs, seating cards) will be considered on an individual basis. For details, please read our returns policy